Release the Beast with Schutzhund Training! 
Create a one-of-a-kind bond with your dog through this awesome sport!
Working Breed Dogs Need a JOB
Do you have a high drive working-breed dog (e.g., German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Boxer, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc.)? Working breed dogs need a JOB; they were bred with an inherent instinct to WORK, and if that need isn’t met, you’re wasting the best part about having a working breed dog. It would be like keeping Rob Gronkowski on the sideline! At 6′ 6″ and 265 lbs, that guy is just born to play football, and to leave him on the sideline, would be a horrible disservice to him and the sport of football.
Your dog was born with a high drive instinct and has strength, power, and intelligence, so get your dog off the bench and into the game. Your dog will love the sport of Schutzhund (direct German translation is “protection dog”, also known as IPO training - Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung, Translation means International auditing rules or International Exam Rules), which involves three elements that include obedience, tracking, and protection. 
Watch The Power of Schutzhund
Watch this German Shepard Guard the decoy (i.e. Tony) by barking, then bite as the decoy begins to move. In Schutzhund, the dog is to hold the bite, not matter the decoy's movement.
Please note that the dog doesn't view Tony as a threat, he simply views the arm guard as a giant "tug toy" that he gets to play with. These dogs are balanced, well trained, and not vicious.
Story: The Student Becomes The Teacher
Tony grew up with German Shepherds, and those dogs had protection training to help guard his father’s auto shop (i.e., before internet security cameras became popular). He gained an interest in the sport by watching the trainer work protection on their dogs over the years. After Tony graduated from college, his first paycheck was spent getting his own dog, Django. A tip by his vet lead him to a highly competitive Schutzhund / IPO trainer, Mario Gomes. Once Tony saw what the dogs were capable of, he was hooked and began to train regularly with the Southcoast Working Dog Club.
In April 2017, he received his Basic Certification and April 2018, he received Club Certification for IPO helper work (i.e., the guy in the bite suit). He was selected for the IPO1 helper work at the 2018 New England Region IPO Championship. For Tony, this sport has grown from a hobby, to a passion, and now into a lifestyle. The highlight of his day is problem solving on the training field to improve their next performance.
Tony loves that the sport is such a challenge, that it requires a ton of precision and a very strong bond between the dog and the handler to excel at it.
Now Tony wants to help others build that same bond through Schutzhund training as he is now teaching private lesson at The Dog Mall.
 Tony with Gregor, his Belgian Malinois
Want to join a 3-hour intro Schutzhund workshop for only $25?
Intro Schutzhund / IPO / Protection workshop 
This is a great option if you want to see what's involved in Schutzhund training and learn about the sport. 
Here is what to expect with this Intro Workshop
  •  Learn about the sport: get general information about IPO / Schutzhund.
  •  Instruction: Learn from Tony about how to build drive in your dog.
  •  Demo: Watch Tony Demo his dog Django so you can see what is involved.
  • Try it: Start the beginning fundamentals with your dog.
  •  No Equipment Needed: We provide all the equipment needed. However, you should bring training treats that your dog really loves.
  •  No Experience needed: You dog doesn't need any previous IPO or Schutzhund training to participate, but you're welcome to join if you have experience too.
Intro Schutzhund / IPO / Protection workshop 
This is a great option if you want to see what's involved in Schutzhund training and learn about the sport. 
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